What’s your programme?

If you’re a coach and you don’t have a signature programme, you’re missing a trick.

A whole box of tricks, in fact.

Selling coaching sessions, even in “packages”, makes the business of marketing your service much harder than it needs to be.

I recently wrote about the 10 reasons you need a signature programme, and here are the top three from that list:

1 – A programme gives you something tangible to sell. People like to buy products, not ideas.

2 – It’s easier to market and understand. “The Client Attraction Blueprint” is like labelling a tin “Beans”, whereas “Get coaching here!” is like labelling it “food”.

3 – Your ideal clients have common problems and desires. You can therefore deliver a great-value group programme, also massively scaling your income.

Here is the full list of the Ten Reasons You Need A Signature Programme – if you’ve already got one, feel free to post a link in the comments on FB! 


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