When hustler meets hustler

If you’re spending time at networking meetings, particularly those breakfast affairs, you’ll be familiar with the tit-for-tat nature of the events.

You’re all there to sell something – if you’re not, you’ve misunderstood the whole idea – so you all view each other as a potential customer.

Most times, the sessions are a result-free standoff, as sellers pitch sellers with barely a motivated buyer in sight.

Me, I prefer to meet qualified purchasers on my own terms from the comfort of my office chair, by nurturing relationships with people who look like my next ideal clients in my own Facebook Group.


  • People show up to talk, ask and learn about what I can help them with
  • Nobody pitches me their stuff – I can go to their Group/Page/Website if I want that
  • It uses way less petrol than driving to networking meetings
  • It’s a more efficient use of time
  • The breakfasts are better at home

Sure, networking works.

But the network you control yourself is usually the most rewarding.


PS – If you reply to this email with “FB”, I’ll send you the recording of my October Facebook Groups Masterclass, where I open the lid on my end-to-end client attraction strategy. 

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