When it pays to lose faith

Writer Sharon Salzberg, quoted by bestselling author James Clear, says:

“It’s not the existence of beliefs that is the problem, but what happens to us when we hold them rigidly, without examining them, when we presume the absolute centrality of our views and become disdainful of others.”

And this doesn’t just apply to deeply-held beliefs around religion, global conspiracies and political leanings.

Crucially for your success as a coach or therapist, your deeply ingrained opinions on commercial matters need to be open for debate as well.

  • Facebook’s no good for business
  • People don’t like to get direct messages
  • LinkedIn’s a glorified job board
  • Nobody’s got any money these days
  • Websites are a waste of time

The ability to recognise truth when it deviates from your own faith-system is a learned skill.

Learning from someone who’s already living the life you aspire to is a smart move too.

After all, nothing says “you’re wrong” more clearly than somebody doing the opposite and making it work, right?  


PS: If you believe Facebook’s no good for business, let me break your faith.

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