When we were young…

Childhood Habits

You probably don’t remember much about when you were a kid, at least not a really little kid.

You almost certainly don’t remember some of the stuff you did instinctively just because you were young, and knew no better.

But, is “BETTER” really the right word?

Maybe we are actually worse off for losing the habits and behaviours of our childhood. 

Things like:

  • Easy forgiveness
  • Laughing all the time
  • Being happy in the moment
  • Not worrying about the future
  • Fearlessly connecting with others
  • Playing because it’s fun
  • Hugging and being hugged whenever you can
  • Lack of cynicism
  • Spontaneous singing and dancing
  • No limiting beliefs

One amazing thing though: wouldn’t all those things be admirable qualities in any adult?

And if we could find a way back to those childhood qualities, wouldn’t we be better equipped to succeed in life and business? 


PS – When I was young, the internet didn’t exist. It does now though, so we’d better learn to use it, right? 

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