Who’s Calling?

Don't delete contacts


Something happened recently that really ground my gears. I called this guy I’d done business with, albeit a while back, and he said, “Sorry, who’s calling?”

After a brief yet awkward exchange, he told me he’d had a clear-out on his phone and mine must have been one of the numbers he deleted.

How rude, unappealing and utterly unnecessary. I rapidly lost interest in rekindling our relationship, and I passed valuable business to someone else instead.


Conversely, I took a call the other day from someone I’d met only once, at an expo 7 years ago. We’d never spoken, but I’d saved his number Just In Case.

When I answered, “Hi Dave!” he was amazed. Surprised, impressed and yes, slightly amazed. More importantly, he was completely enthused to discuss the proposal he’d wondered if I’d work with.

Here’s some rules of engagement when it comes to phones, and contacts:

  • Remember there’s no effective limit on phone number storage. Even iCloud will effortlessly sync 50,000 contacts with full details
  • Store everyone, even if they’ve only called you once
  • Back-up your contacts and transfer them to your next phone
  • If you’re sick of an endless scroll to look for a name, use a favourites folder for commonly used contacts
  • Our favourite sound is the sound of our own name. How nice to hear it spoken when you call someone
  • You never know when someone you’d written-off as no longer a person of interest might call with a wonderful idea, just for you

Oh, and another thing – stop changing your bloody number. How easy is it to port it from one device to the next? 

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