Why 1000 to 1 is such great odds

Today’s a day of days. 

Never to be repeated, in fact.

You’re reading the 1000th Daily Brain Tattoo, written every-day-but-Sunday since the 24th March, 2017.

Here’s 5 things I’ve learnt:

1: Getting Started Is Everything

I never planned on publishing 100 DBTs, let alone ten times that number.

I just started writing.

Once, twice, three times.

Then I realised I liked it, and anyway somebody told me “Google likes fresh content”, so I decided to not stop.

2: Keeping Going Is Easier 

Once I got into the swing of writing daily, I found a space mid-evening where I could spend 15 minutes quietly decanting my thoughts.

It’s really not that tough, once you get rolling.

3: Content Is Repurposeable

The DBTs appear as posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Pinterest.

They get read out in audio snippets as Alexa Flash Briefings.

I’ve filled a book with them.

Create once – use forever.

4: Consistency Stands Out

Most people don’t stick at things.

They get bored, or distracted by something shinier.

Their audience gets confused.

Their business floats away.

Just showing up the same every day is way smarter, and takes less brainpower.

5: This Is Personal

Over the last 39 months, I’ve learnt how to speak to one person.


If you’re reading this, you’re a coach or therapist, and I know a lot about you.

  • You need more clients
  • You want a stable revenue
  • You crave simplicity and calm
  • You want less marketing overwhelm
  • You want to work less and earn more
  • You’re often beset with self-doubt and insecurity
  • You need a guiding voice to hold you accountable
  • You’re great at what you do, but need to be heard
  • You can’t stomach the rollercoaster of uncertainty
  • You sometimes feel stuck and unsure what to do next

Am I right?

You see, I’ve been speaking to you in 1,000 instalments.

1,000 DBTs to one person.

What’s the odds of that happening again? 


PS: Thank you for reading, whether today is your first, or your 1,000th DBT. It means the world to me. Hit REPLY, type “1,000 to 1” and I’ll send you a little treat by return. x

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