Why AI makes me sick

Artificial Intelligence, in the sense we refer to it right now, exploded into our lives at the start of 2023 with the launch of ChatGPT. By June, they hit 1.6 billion monthly website visits from over 100 million registered users. 

It’s an astounding, awesome, transformational technology which has the potential to change the lives of everyone on earth. In a study by DemandSage, 53% of readers failed to recognise AI-created content compared to human creations.

For such an early stage in its development, it’s utterly amazing.

And yet, it makes me sick. 

Not in a bad way, but in a giddy-with-excitement kind of way.

I’ve only been half-playing with ChatGPT and have used it to write courses, eBooks and campaigns, as well as to answer customer enquiries and support queries.

It saves time, makes me more productive, and supports my best clients even better than I could.

It’s almost unfathomable where this stuff will be in another year’s time, let alone by the end of this decade, which means you have a choice:

You can either ignore it and get left behind, trampled on by your competition and standing idly by while they win over all your clients. Or, you can get with the programme, and hang out with the cool AI kids.

That’s why I know I have to embrace it, and why I know you do too. 

It’s also why I’ve brought in my friend and client Kellie Wynn, to chair a lively, impactful session today in The Coaching Freedom Club, called “AI – What’s That All About!?”

Kellie’s fully integrated AI into her coaching business, and has seen her revenues soar while working less than ever before.

These Friday trainings are only open to paying members of the CFC, but as this is such an important, urgent topic, I’ve got a handful of places reserved for JHM subscribers (YOU, if you’re reading this), so you can join us at 4pm UK today, and get the AI lowdown from Kellie and me.

It’s a one-off session, and a one-off concession, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Reply with “AI” and I’ll get you that vital Zoom link for 4pm today. 

Love you lots



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