Why automation is your biggest mistake

Automate everything

Here’s a guide to when to automate, and when not to. 

[I love acronyms, and this one’s a doozy – DAD.]

D:  Do it yourself – the kind of stuff only you can do

  • Writing content (using ChatGPT for ideas is fine though)
  • Starting conversations with people you’d like to help
  • Sales calls – for a good while anyway
  • Delivering your coaching/therapy – at least at first

A: Automation –  the things it’s safe to trust to software

  • Calendar scheduling, like Calendly or YouCanBookMe
  • Bulk mailing, if you have a list
  • Thank you messages after they bought your stuff
  • Session and event reminders

D: Delegation – tasks you don’t need to do yourself 

  • Designing banners & logos
  • Building websites
  • Hooking up mailing lists and advanced automations
  • Repetitive messaging to cold contacts

Important to remember: if you start out in business refusing to take responsibility for your outreach, you’ll fail. Crimes against start-up marketing include:

  • Sticking a course up on Thinkific/Udemy etc and expecting people to magically buy it
  • Hiring a VA to find leads and appointments on Facebook/LinkedIn
  • Doing lazy-ass posts to your latest workshop/programme/course with a sign-up link
  • Putting tickets on Eventbrite thinking people will see them and buy them

You get the idea – DAD’s the word…

Love you lots




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