Why Brexit really won’t affect you

That’s one of the dullest headlines I’ve ever written, admittedly. 

But, don’t worry.

Jonny isn’t suddenly getting political.

I simply mean that a 21st century expert business is kind of impervious to the economy.

In fact, external conditions [short of a global nuclear winter] are never going to derail your genius, unless you let them.

Whether it’s Brexit, interest rates, trade wars with China, Trump’s tariffs or any other assorted madness, one thing is for sure:

If you’re good enough at what you do, you WILL create your own personal economy. 

And the even better news?

It’ll always be booming. 


PS – This is booming madness – the ONLY live show I’ll be doing in the UK this year. My Client Attraction Summit is coming to the Midlands on the 22nd November. If you’re around, reply with CAS and I’ll get you on the list for details, to follow this week.  

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