Why imposter syndrome can’t stop you

At the turn of the century when I was building a financial consultancy, I was riddled with insecurity.

I filled my mind with a litany of destructive stories:

  • I don’t know what I’m doing
  • Someone’s going to find me out
  • I need to get more qualified
  • I can’t take the responsibility
  • This can’t last forever

And yet, despite all that, we created an enterprise with over 200 staff, 8 offices and a £10m turnover in just 7 years, and sold it.

The secret?

As an antidote to all my angst and anxiety, I created a process for every aspect of the business.

Sales, marketing, compliance, HR, finance – everything had a manual.

Then, it didn’t matter how I was feeling, I just knew what we had to do every day.

Build a process. Keep the imposter at bay. 


PS – No imposters here – just a great opportunity to grow and thrive. 

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