Why no-one’s listening to you

Have you understood what’s happening to the protagonists in last week’s major news cycle?

  • Meghan and Harry: Inflammatory interview primes the next $bn reality brand, with global broadcasting and business offers hurtling into their inbox
  • Piers Morgan: “at the centre of a £10m bidding war” after he strategically storms off from his national TV gig

All three of those folks have a rabid mix of devotees and haters, both necessary for their future success.

Lessons for YOU from this:

1: Decide WHAT you stand for, then develop the most controversial way of framing it.
2: Go ALL OUT to polarise your audience into those who get you, and those who don’t.
3: When people start to rail against you and hurl personal abuse, you know you’re REALLY getting somewhere.
4: Nurture your BRAND like you do your personal health. It’s the cornerstone of your longevity and success.
5: And FFS Be Interesting. Ain’t nobody got time to read your CV or listen to you bleating on about your qualifications, your lunch or your political affiliations.

If you think the media attention these folks are enjoying is anything other than deliberately planned, you’re missing the point.

Love you lots

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