Why to tell nobody you’re a coach

When somebody asked super-coach Rich Litvin if he told people he was a coach, he said:

Almost never! Coaching is a tool, not a title.

Tell people about your clients. Tell them about the book you’re writing. Tell them about your counterintuitive beliefs. Sometimes you’re a consultant, sometimes you’re a coach, sometimes you’re a mentor, sometimes you’re a trusted advisor. Sometimes you’re a hybrid of all of them. Don’t be a coach.

There’s another reason I never tell anyone I’m “A Coach”.

That’s because nobody cares.

They want to know how you can help them, not what you think your job title is.

Next time someone asks what you do, practice your golden sentence:

“I help X to do Y so they can Z”

X is WHO you help
Y is WHAT with
Z is WHY it matters to them

Get your X,Y and Z so clear, concise and compelling that everyone goes, WOW! when they hear them.

Then you can call yourself a coach, if you really must. 


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