Why websites are dead

In this age of social media, websites are starting to move down the list of priorities for expert businesses.

And I can see why.

Instant gratification is addictive.

🥳 You post, they comment
🥳 You go live, people watch
🥳 You DM someone, they reply

Whereas, your website’s a slow burn, right?

Maybe some people go and look at your stuff, but so what?

Well, here’s a way to make YOUR website work for you:

Stick a simple call-to-action above the fold where everyone can see it.

Like, asking for their email address and name in return for a one-page PDF that they’ll devour with gusto.

Suddenly you’re building your list, and finding new folks to talk to day-by-day.

Then, you’ve a gift that never stops giving.

And for you, it’s the best website in the world.


PS – Reply with a link to your website and I’ll do a 45-second audit of its effectiveness.

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