Why you can’t decide on pricing

Do you really think you’re qualified to decide how much your client should spend?

Years ago, I did some sales consultancy for a major high street optician chain, who brought me in to analyse why some stores sold loads of designer frames, and some sold next to none.

I interviewed the manager at one of the underperforming branches, and she said, “I’d never spend £400 on a pair of glasses”.

So she infected all her staff with the same faulty mindset, and guess what?

They put up resistance on behalf of their customers, who might have actually loved the opportunity of spending £400 on some cool new frames and lenses, but never got the chance.

We all spend smart money and we all spend stupid money, and most importantly we get the choice of what to spend it on.

Just for fun, price one of your programmes or services extravagantly expensively and see who wants to buy it.

You might be surprised how many clients are delighted with the value you’re offering.


PS – Here’s some not-very-smart pricing – it’s FREE! 

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