Why you may not be so great, after all

So you made a sale.
You had a great client result. 
You earned £5k last month. 

Well done!

Or was it?

There’s a natural variance in outcomes from anything you try.

You’ll win some, you’ll lose some.

Instead of celebrating the former and lamenting the latter, simply optimise your process.

A sustainable process of repeatable actions will mean you get it right often enough to earn a living. 

Some idiot hits a hole-in-one somewhere in the world every day.

What matters more is whether he’s worked out what he has to do to hit the next one. 


PS – Steve Blampied and I will get you on the green under par. The rest is up to you.
Also PS – 21st September – it’s officially Autumn. Time to think about making the end of 2019 count for something. Here’s how.

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