Why you should book a holiday – NOW!

Have you noticed how many great ideas you have when you’re walking along a beach with the sun on your bones, warm water lapping over your toes? 

It’s like when you’re in the shower, although that doesn’t last quite so long, usually.

Contrast that with an average office day, when you’re consumed with social media, emails, client calls, accounts, money and other “comfort-zone” low-value busy-ness.

As super-coach Karl Bryan points out, your goals are bigger when you’re on vacation. 

Freedom, joy and relaxation are great catalysts for creativity, dreaming and scheming.

It’s no secret that the most successful coaches I know are also the ones who take the most holidays.

This year, I’ve punctuated my months in my GCC (Global Command Centre) with weeks in Tenerife, California, Arizona, Tennessee, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

2020 will be even more diverse, as my collaborations around the world start to bear fruit.

As your hairdresser might ask:

Have you booked your holidays yet? 


PS – This is going to feel like a holiday. The 21st intake of the Client Attraction Blueprint is open for November, and will set you up for success in 2020. Check it out here. 

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