Why you should love the vacuum

Nature abhors a vacuum, and here’s a story from Stuart Carter about why deliberately creating one could be a really smart way to drive change.

“A while ago I was in a gallery, and mentioned to the assistant.

“Yeah… we’re kind of looking for something to go above the fireplace. We’re not super-happy with the picture that’s there at the moment. It’s ok, but it’s not brilliant…”

Her advice was swiftly given…

“When you get home, take the picture down straight away. Create a vacuum, and it will be filled.”

And she was right. With the big blank space staring at us it was a matter of days before the perfect inspiration struck.

The same is true in everything. We put up with ‘adequate’ because it’s there. It’s easy. It doesn’t need thinking about.

But when we discard the ‘adequate’, it makes room for the great.

Think about which of your habits, products, colleagues and customers are performing a merely “adequate” role in your life and business right now.

Maybe you’re better off with a vacuum instead of the space they’re taking up.


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