Why you’ll always be an imposter

As you grow in stature and impact, you’ll be stretching your comfort zone. 

In fact, each time you reach another level, you’ll question how you got there, and if you deserve to stay there.

Rich Litvin calls this the Large Check Paradox – (that’s “cheque” if you can spell proper) – and he’s right.

The more you get paid, the more your monkey brain will ridicule your worthiness.

But get used to it.

Steering clear of the big game means staying exactly where you are. 

  • Playing for pennies
  • Leaving the gold on the table
  • Never reaching your true potential
  • Minimising your impact
  • Losing your legacy

A healthy dose of daily discomfort means you’re making progress.

And that’s good news for you, your clients, and our profession.


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