Why your brain is like landfill

The 21st century world is an assault on our senses like never before.

Noisier, brighter (but also darker), smellier and a whole lot rougher round the edges than it was even a decade ago.

We’re consuming more, but we’re no happier.
We’re reading and listening to more, but we’re no smarter.
We’re connected to more people, but we have fewer friends.

I reckon there’s a simple reason for this.

We spread our attention superficially across a million different things, and we don’t go deep enough with anything before we discard it.

Here are some things to try:

  • When you next read a book, implement the ideas in it before you read another
  • When you listen to music, play the whole album, instead of 5 seconds of a song
  • Make a to-do list with ONE thing on it, and don’t stop till you’ve finished it
  • Instead of advertising to 10,000 people, have a 20-minute conversation with someone who looks like your next ideal client
  • Build an Inner Circle of 5 people, and hang out with them. A lot.

Most people treat their mind like a dumping ground for low-effort, low-impact, lightweight trash.

You’re smart, so don’t do landfill.

Recycle the heavyweight, important stuff, and use it till it doesn’t work anymore.


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