Why your life is actually wonderful

We spent the weekend in one of my favourite towns on the planet, Whitby in North Yorkshire.

Evoking joyful memories of my childhood.

Kind of.

Except for the parlous state of the local businesses.

Here’s just some of what one long-established restaurant has been through this year:

😳 Closed for the first 2 months of the season
😳 Opened in June but had to remove half their tables
😳 Every staff-member wearing a mask all day
😳 Every customer having temperature taken
😳 Discounts offered to entice people back
😳 Limited menu to attempt at profitability
😳 Deep-cleaning after every diner leaves
😳 Paranoia over anyone getting ill (Staff or customer)

And all this while still paying full rent to their landlord.

It’s a existential tightrope that nobody deserves to have to walk.

And you know what?


Next time you moan about not having enough clients, how you’re struggling with your marketing, how much Facebook is winding you up…or any other random luxury gripe…

👉 Remember ALL you have to do is spend a couple of hours a day logged into the internet from anywhere in the world, find your next client, get paid, and help them.👈

So…take a breath, run to your nearest mirror, look yourself in the eye and shout, clearly and unambiguously:


Love you lots

PS: This week I’ll be announcing the October date for my all-new Three-Day Challenge called Making Sales The Easy Way. If you fancy making your life even more wonderful, reply with “Easy” and I’ll make sure you’re in.

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