Why your resolutions are dead

Well, we made it through the first month of 2019, and this is pretty much as long as most NYRs last. 


Because resolutions in themselves rarely contain plans of action.

They’re often just wishes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if……..?

And they’re goals rather than processes.

My NYR (actually my business plan, but what’s in a name, right?) is to make JHM a £250k business this year.

My process is to talk to 4 people each day who look like my next ideal client.

If I do that, I know it’ll make my NYR come true.

There’s nothing that says you can’t reaffirm your resolutions today.

Just make sure you know exactly how you’re going to keep to them. 


PS – My resolution to you is to make the biggest impact on your business I possibly can in 2019, and here’s how. Open for the next 6 days only. 

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