Why you’re a lousy psychic

Author James Clear struck a chord with me when he wrote:

It is much easier to notice when something is working than to predict ahead of time if it will work.


Take action, make many small bets, and run lots of quick (but thoughtful) experiments. Then, double-down on the winners.

I’ve always rushed to get started, simply because I have no idea how it’ll work out.

Sitting on the grid in my race-car, engines screaming all around me, I can’t say whether I’ll even finish the race, let alone where.

And sitting on stage before a gig, I wonder if the audience will like us tonight.

They usually do, but hey.

And in business, you can’t be certain about pretty much anything:

  • Can I make a difference?
  • Should I buy this course?
  • Will they like my post?
  • Will they use my programme?
  • Will they buy now?

All you can say right now is that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. 

All clear?


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