Why you’re changing the world

Whenever you’re feeling a little under-confident, undeserving or just plain inadequate, remember this:

You’re changing the world. 

That’s a big statement, but I know what you DO, I know what you ARE, and I know the impact you have with each and every client.

You move them all.

Sometimes a bit, often times a lot, and sometimes with a massive, transformational shift.

By no means all professions enjoy this privilege. 

Heck, most “jobs” are actively designed to ensure their organisations maintain the status quo.

That’s why they have to hire external consultants if they want to change anything.

Transformation isn’t natural to most people, nor to the worldview they’re locked into.

But it is for you.

You’re changing the world, every day, one glorious client at a time.  

Don’t ever forget that.

Next time you’re in the mood to kick your own butt, give yourself a pat on the head instead.

You’ve earned it. 


PS – Here’s another thing you’ve earned – One of only three remaining 30-minute clarity sessions with me in June, no strings, no holds barred. Instead of paying me £295, just make a nominal contribution to your favourite charity afterwards. If you’ve never had a talk with me, you qualify for this one.

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