Why you’re stuck in a hole

There’s one hole that haunts professionals in my community more than any other. 

The pigeon-hole.

Yes, trying to decide whether you’re a coach, mentor, trainer or consultant can drive you potty.

Also, it rarely helps your clients make a decision to work with you.


Because nobody wants to be coached, mentored, trained or consulted at. 

They want the change you can bring them.

Far better to shrug off those notional titles and say something useful:

  • You’ll stop smoking forever in 3 sessions with me
  • I’ll help you put past trauma behind you so you can build your perfect life
  • Let’s overcome your performance anxiety so you can enrapture an audience
  • You’ll never have to suffer an abusive relationship again
  • I’ll help you find more ideal clients without paid advertising

That last one is why you’ll never hear me tell you I’m a coach.

Hell, what I do involves some teaching of new stuff, some mindset coaching and some ongoing mentoring.

Ask me nicely and I might even let you consult me.

But it’s all for one thing.

To get you out into the world, earning what you deserve with a thriving business.

Pin down the one big thing you actually DO, and your ideal clients will be begging to talk. 


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