Why you’re too expensive

Sometimes, if you have a few clients telling you they can’t afford to work with you, you start to believe a self-destructive myth:

That your prices are too high. 

Now, it might be true that you got your positioning slightly wrong, and you’re fishing in a stagnant pond where no-one has any money.

But that’s not usually the problem.

People spend money all the time, and lots of it. 

  • They buy expensive clothes
  • They treat their families
  • They pay mortgages
  • They go on holidays
  • They buy cars

When people are walking away from your offer, they’re saying:

“You haven’t convinced me this is a good use of my resources, so I’d rather spend the money on something else.” 

It’s a priorities problem, not a price problem.

So work on becoming more important, not cheaper.


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