Would you like to be this person?

I read a quote this week that really stopped me in my tracks:

“Hell would be the day I discovered the man I could have become.”

It got me thinking about some of the less-than-finest hours I’ve lived through:

  • Relationships I’ve blown through inattention
  • Opportunities I missed, asleep at the wheel
  • Bad decisions where my ego got in the way
  • Refusing to learn from those smarter than me
  • Long periods of bone idleness and inactivity

And yes, I often wonder about what might have been if this, that and the other.

But the trouble with the quote above is that it might invoke Hell in two different ways:

One if you convince yourself you could have achieved so much more.

And other, when you realise you couldn’t.

Maybe a better idea is to not ponder the past too much at all. 


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