You ain’t gonna like this

It’s so easy to live an effortless, comfy life, tackling everything in a convenient way.

And yet, faced with a choice, it’s often way more worthwhile to take the inconvenient route:

  • Climbing the stairs instead of riding the elevator will keep you fit and improve your chances of longevity
  • “Convenience” food is anything but, over the long term. Unless you regard obesity, heart disease and early death as convenient
  • Writing, reading and listening to audiobooks takes more effort than bingeing on Netflix, but propels your life forward instead of backward
  • Building a business is tough, and requires an unusual level of commitment and dedication. That’s why most people don’t bother
  • Using the phone is easier than going to see a friend, but has nowhere near the impact or reward

In pretty much every moment of every day, we make decisions based on selecting the most convenient option.

Maybe it’s time to flip things around, and start living with vigour, passion and purpose.

Especially when it’s less convenient. 

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