You And The Herd

DBT 250: By special request!

When I asked the Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group what they wanted me to write about for this 250th Daily Brain Tattoo, my good friend Kevin Taylor-McHale suggested I explain how coaches can set themselves apart from the herd, so here goes!

Explanation 1 (The Easy One)

There’s no need to try to set yourself apart, as you’re already unique. Just show up as your true, authentic self and that’ll be enough. You’ll disappear into the herd if you try and camouflage yourself as someone else who’s already there.

Explanation 2 (The Slightly Harder One)

Explanation 1’s all well and true, but don’t you have to try a bit harder than that? OK, here goes:

  • Come up with a cool and memorable name – Jonny Hates Marketing is getting a reputation for me, and The Success Party seems to resonate too. Find something that represents you to a tee. Again, no pretending to be something you’re not.
  • Niche down as hard and as deep as you can. The Rock Hard Abs Guy is going to get you noticed more than Derek Swinger Personal Training (I checked, there isn’t one of those)
  • Pick an audience with a nagging pain or a raging desire – both is good – and demonstrate simply and powerfully how you can help. Do it over and over till everyone knows you can.

Hope that’s useful, Kevin, and thanks for the inspiration!

Here’s to the next 250 DBTs…


PS – Thanks also to Karen Magid for your topic suggestion. You came a close second with a much bigger can of worms about how to choose your social media platforms and strategies. I might tackle that soon…x

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