Why you can’t control the outcome

There are two aspects to any decision –

  1. The process you use to make it
  2. The outcome the decision creates

Most times, the process is the only thing you can actually control. 

Everything seems stupid when it fails, but that doesn’t mean the decisions that led to it were stupid.

  • Humans pretty much knew how to make amazing boats when they built the Titanic
  • Houses in Third-World earthquake zones are constructed really well for almost all foreseeable situations
  • Planes crash, but the people who designed them made extraordinarily good decisions throughout

Building a business is tough, and involves riding out the poor outcomes of some of your decisions, and emerging fitter, faster and stronger.

The level of success you’ll attain is directly related to your ability to make decisions, day-in, day-out, at every level.

Maybe it’s time to stop focusing on outcomes and just work on your decision-making process. 


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