You don’t want these things

There are many things you might think you want but you don’t, really.

  • A Ferrari
  • £1M in the bank
  • A 3-month world cruise
  • Homes in 2 countries
  • 200 staff helping you create impact and wealth

So, if you don’t actually want those things, what DO you want?

You want the feelings that you think might come with them.

You want to feel good, happy, excited, fulfilled, smart, clever, successful, popular etc etc.

But guess what? The story that starts with “I’ll be happy when…” is just that.

A story.

I’ve had all the five things on the list above (at various times), and I can tell you this:

I felt no different to how I feel now I have none of them.

Keep your dreams alive, by all means.

Just don’t expect to get more happy when you get there. 


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