You Gotta Have Rhythm

Find your rhythm

Rhythm runs through our lives in so many ways – heartbeats, breathing, music, dance…all profound and important pulses that drive us and fulfil us.

It’s also important to listen to the rhythm of your creativity, and indulge it. The person who can just charge on, endlessly producing work without punctuation hasn’t been born yet, and likely never will be.

My creative rhythm’s something like this:

  • 6.30am – 7.30am: Reading and writing

Then break for gym/walking/breathing/eating

  • 10.00am – 1.00pm: Client calls, value creation

Then break for stretching/breathing/eating

  • 2.00pm – 6.00pm: More client stuff and social engagement

After 6.00pm: Wind down, eating, family time, sleep

My 2017 goal is not to work Fridays at all. That’ll be achieved by generating recurring revenue, so the ship keeps on sailing without me.

Now there’s a rhythm with a proper groove to it.

Author: Jonny Cooper | Tweet me your rhythm!

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