You had ONE job

If you’re selling high-ticket programmes or services, there’s only ONE entry point:

Your Video Sales Call.

And this is great news, because it means that whatever else you do in the name of marketing, it’s focused on ONE goal.

Book More Video Sales Calls.

On a structured Video Sales Call, you can control the environment, the content, and ensure you’re presenting as near to an irresistible proposition as your work and life justifies and deserves.

So, here are some things that won’t make that happen:

  • Pitching someone to join your programme at a networking meeting
  • Sending them a DM with a link to join it
  • Emailing them with a link to join it
  • Making a social media post with a link to join it
  • Telling someone the price when you just met and expecting them to call you back

No, there is only ONE way to make high-ticket sales happen, and therefore only one way to turn your fascinating hobby into a real business:

Offer to book a Video Sales Call with anyone who looks like your next ideal client. That’s your ONE job. 

It’s no coincidence that the number of Video Sales Calls on your calendar this week is a direct indicator of your likely revenue this week.

How many do you have on your calendar? 


PS – If you haven’t got started with a high-ticket programme or service yet, here’s how I can help you create and launch yours before the end of the year. 

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