You have my attention

In this noisy, connected-yet-disconnected world, there is an infinity of incoming stuff to occupy us, 24/7 if we let it. 

It seems like we’re getting worse at focusing and paying attention.

It’s called PAYING attention because it comes at the COST of the lost opportunity to be doing something else at the same time.

That’s exactly why I love my coaching conversations so much. For the 15 – 90 minutes I’m alone with a client, I am 100% devoted to them and their story.

And I’m freed of the potential for distraction, and from another minute wasted on minutiae.

Treasure the time you spend in the oasis of calm that’s the work we do.

You’re practising the lost art of undivided attention. 


PS – Here’s something worth your attention, big time. It’s #MoneyWeek in the JHM Facebook Group. Catch up with yesterday’s action and get ready for today.

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