You may be lying about this

As you may know, I love asking questions in my community, The Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group. 

Short, sharp questions that shoot right to the heart of the challenges you face and the dreams you dream every day.

They hit the target because I know you.

I’ve spent a lot of years getting to know you, and listening to what you say you fear the most, and what you want the most.

But lately I’ve come to an uncomfortable conclusion.

Some of you may have been lying, and about some quite important things. 

  • 155 of you registered for my recent sales challenge, because you said you wanted to make more sales
  • Over 100 of you didn’t show up on any of the FREE live training once the challenge started
  • Over 80 of you are paying members in the Private Members Club, which costs £67 a month in subscriptions
  • 25 paying members have never shown up on a single Members Only weekly live training session. Not one
  • 45 people pre-registered for an event, after you asked me to help with your client attraction strategy
  • When we announced early-bird tickets at a special price, 38 of you decided to be somewhere else on the day

There is only one possible explanation for this phenomenon:

You kind-of-want success, but not badly enough to take action, even if it’s free.

There are only two parts to building a thriving business:

  1. Decide where you want to get to, and
  2. Decide what you’re prepared to give to get there

If the answer to the second part is “not enough”, then anything in the first part is a fantasy.

Or maybe even an outright lie. 


PS – If you’re sure you’re telling the truth about wanting to make money from your coaching or therapy business, here’s how. 

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