You simply can’t lose this sale

When you’re talking to a prospect about becoming a client, it’s easy to get whipped up into a whirlpool of anxiety about “losing the sale”.

But in reality, there’s no sense in fearing a negative outcome.

That’s because there can’t be a negative outcome.

There are only two possible outcomes of a sales discussion for you:

  1. POSITIVE: They became a client, and you’re a few quid and one client ahead of where you started
  2. NEUTRAL: They didn’t become a client, so you’re in the same place as you were before

Of course, the stakes are much higher for your prospect, who also has two possible outcomes to face:

  1. POSITIVE: They became a client, and can look forward to the transformational benefits you bring to them
  2. NEGATIVE: They didn’t become a client, so they risk their problems getting worse through inaction

Even more troubling for them is if they start working with someone else instead, who isn’t as good as you.

That could really put them on the losing side.


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