You snooze, you lose

Have you ever used the function with your emails where you can drag them from your inbox to another folder, and “deal” with them at some random point in the future?

I just discovered it, and it horrified me.

See, for years I’ve been using what I call a TEO approach to all incoming messages, snail-mail or phone calls.

Touch. Everything. Once.

I started this when I realised that I should only react in one of three ways to every external request for my time:

  1. It’s of no interest to me, so I decline and destroy it on the spot,
  2. It’s of urgent interest to me, so I deal with it NOW, or
  3. It’s of non-urgent interest to me, so I schedule a calendar date and time when I will revisit it

That means picking up every call, opening every letter and scanning every email at the point of interference.

Once you start using the “snooze” button in your waking life, you’ve created a mudbath in front of you that gets ever deeper and wider.

And that’s just one big stress mess.


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