You’ll never guess what I just saw!

Last night, sitting by my window sipping a glass of vin rouge, I swore I spotted a shooting star. 

Of course, it could have been a plane, or a bird with its ass on fire.

Plus, our windows are storm-dirty right now.

Anyway, when you pass through people’s lives, do you light up their sky?

Or do you strike them with a dull thud that obscures their vision and leaves them coughing dust?

Meteors can do either, and so can you.

Have a look how you approach new connections on social media.

Is your first reaction, how can I help this person?

Or is it, what can I sell to them?

Funnily enough, only one of those will ever lead you to a sale.

The other way just leaves a big ugly crater in their desire to engage with you.


PS – IT’S TODAY! The copywriting class of 2021 kicks off today at 14.00 UK, with or without you. Are you in? 

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