Your #1 waste of time

Working with you in this amazing community, I also get to hear about a lot of daft stuff.  

Some of the most disturbing are when I see people frittering away precious time:

  • A coach being sued for £500 by a former client, and focusing 100% of her energies on fighting it
  • A JHM member still determined to get a first-time book publishing deal, after 6 years of rejections
  • Another client trying to get a refund from a coach he paid crazy money to for nothing

What distinguished all those conversations was an overwhelming feeling of the lost cause.

The sunk cost.

The battle-not-worth-fighting.

As Seth Godin says, the trouble with holding onto a lost cause is it gets in the way of causes you haven’t lost yet.

Honing your instinct for moving on to something more productive is a powerful success trait.

The dead horse is not yours to flog, right? 


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