Your money problems

As Rich Litvin says, “Money stuff is rarely about money stuff”.

Money’s primary purpose is to create choice, freedom and opportunity, so it’s natural to seek a little more, always.

But in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, you have to strike a balance between chasing money and not caring about money.

Too much chasing money and you’ll:

Seem desperate to everyone you talk to
Regard getting paid as the “close” of the deal
Employ debt collectors when someone defaults
Deny access to anyone unless they’ve paid you first
Refuse collaborations in case they steal your clients

Too much not caring about money and you’ll:

Undercharge, with everyone
Give your work away, always
Make no effort with marketing
Help anyone who needs your help
Collaborate with anyone who asks you

Before you take your next action, ask “what’s this telling me about my money stuff?”



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