Your most important asset

In these unprecedented and historic times, there’s one thing you should be jealously guarding and protecting above all else.

Your personal energy reserve.

For the sake of your health, wealth and happiness this means:

🧡 Converting any anger you feel into passion for work and family
🧡 Eliminating complexity, focusing on simple, high-impact actions
🧡 Striving to feel what other people are feeling, even if they disagree with you
🧡 Embracing regular, quiet contemplation away from media of all forms
🧡 Recharging your creative reserves by reading useful, inspiring books

As writer Tim Denning says:

“Fight your energy leaks and win back your untapped potential”

What do you do to preserve your energy?

Love you lots

PS – The pic? The source of, and the purpose for all the energy I expend.

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