Your REAL business problem

Have you ever watched those folks handing out flyers in your local shopping centre, with 199 out of 200 people declining their generous offer? 

Then look across the street, and you can see the kid strumming his old guitar and singing his heart out for the occasional penny, as the world mostly ignores him.

And down the end of the mall, there’s an old boy waving a bible and proselytising for all he’s worth, warning of the imminent downfall of mankind.

What do they all have in common?  

They’ve put the cart before the horse.
The solution before the problem.
The content before the audience.

They’re trying to interest the general population with a specific product.

And that almost never works.

Pretty much nothing for sale on this planet will satisfy more than a tiny proportion of humanity at any one time.

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, there’s a vanishingly small chance that you can “spray and pray” your glorious message with any level of success. 

You need to decide which tiny segment (and the tinier, the better) of the world you are serving, and actively repel the rest.

There is literally no point in creating anything – blogs, websites, social media profiles, courses, programmes – until you’re clear on who it’s all for.


Audience. Before. Content.

Could that be your problem right now? 

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