Your Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce

My pal and super-coach Stuart Carter wrote a piece the other day about how much you can afford to give away for nothing.

Stuart was asked: Do you believe in giving away the secrets that make you unique and succeed? Are you worried that someone might beat you/replace you if you give your secrets away?

Clearly, there are a range of options:

  1. Give away your best work upfront. They’ll be impressed and want to work with you.
  2. Let people taste a bit of your secret sauce, just enough to whet their appetite
  3. No, no no. If they want it, they gotta pay for it

As Stuart said:

For starters I’m not sure I have secrets (other than meditate, get to know yourself and follow your inner guidance – but they’re hardly secrets!) And I’m happy to generously give what I do know away because that in no way leaves me lacking.

And good luck to anyone who wants to replace me… they’ll need 42 years and a lot of interesting, stupid, messed up, sometimes brilliant, and mostly misguided life experiences to work with.

How about you? Do you fear being replaced or beaten? Or do you recognise and respect your unique genius?

I can only add that your talent, your ability, your unique gift is like a fire.

When you give some of it to someone else, all that happens is that they catch fire too.

You still blaze as brightly as ever.


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