Your two types of content

When you’re looking to build an engaged community and keep them engaged, there are two types of content you need to master.


This is your banners, headlines, Group names, profile names and “about” sections.

It’s where you hone, optimise and perfect how you appear to your ideal clients when they come across you for the first time.

The great thing about static content is the time leverage you get from creating it.

Once it’s working, you don’t need to keep tinkering. In fact, staying consistent in the way you appear to people is crucial to building your brand identity and avoiding confusion.


This covers posts, blogs, offers, emails, direct messages and anything else you create on the hoof for your followers to consume and get to know you better.

So many professionals in our community seem to focus on pumping out endless dynamic content when their static content is poor or non-existent.

Here’s the truth: your static content is what gets people into your community in the first place, or repels them forever.

And because it’s way easier to keep them once they’re in, this is where you should be focusing more of your attention:

  • Banners
  • Headlines
  • Group names
  • Profile names
  • About Sections

QUESTION: Can we see clearly who you are and what you do, or are you letting us scroll past, none the wiser?  

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