You’re Fired!

You're fired

Have you ever been persuaded to take someone on because your financial brain said yes, even though your heart said no?

As a coach, I sometimes get asked to work with less-than-ideal clients.

Here’s the thing: you can totally choose who you work with.

In fact, it’s probably the most important choice you will ever make in your coaching practice. 

Your ideal clients will:

  • Pay you what you’re worth
  • Make you feel great about working with them
  • Benefit the most from what you do to help them
  • Work with you for longer, making hustling for new business less critical
  • Act as advocates for you and your services

The opposite is almost always true of your only-there-cos-they-pay-you clients.

It’s time to get full “Sir Alan” with anyone you’re not happy with, and don’t worry about the money.

I just fired two of my clients, and had two new wonderful, perfect folks join within three days.

Funny how the world works, eh?


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