Are you certified?

I talked to a lady earlier who’s spent two years getting certified to be a life coach. 

She’s now “ready” to start blogging, podcasting and showing the world her chops.

Let’s just itemise some problems with that approach – the idea of only giving yourself permission to start work once your “studies” are complete:

  1. There is no coaching qualification I’m aware of that teaches you how identify, attract and engage with your ideal clients
  2. The hardest part of being a coach is finding people who will pay you to coach them
  3. Being highly skilled at coaching NOBODY doesn’t achieve anything for you, or the wider world
  4. Generally, getting coaching qualifications costs money which you could otherwise have spent on learning how to find clients
  5. It also costs time (way more valuable than money) which you could have spent learning client attraction

Look, I get it.

  • You need to feel confident in being able to deliver results
  • You don’t want to be stumped for an answer
  • You have to come over like you know what you’re talking about
  • You need to project an air of authority
  • You have to actually get results

I get all of that.

But here’s the good news:

You’ve already got it.

It’s who you are.

Now go out and find someone who’ll pay you to talk to them.


PS – The Facebook Groups Free Challenge is almost over, with a storming, interactive session on content-creation yesterday. Today, at 14.00 UK we’ll be rounding off with the obvious finale: How To Make Actual Money From Your Facebook Group. Don’t miss it! 

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