Make money with no ideal client avatar

No, I haven’t gone mad. 

And yes, defining your ideal client will always be one of the Three Pillars of Effortless Marketing.

But I know it’s a tough piece of work, sometimes.

You might be asking questions like:

  • How do I KNOW who my ICA is?
  • How do I SPOT them in a crowd?
  • What do I say to all the OTHER people?
  • What if my ICA is “WRONG”?
  • What if they can’t AFFORD to pay me?

If you’re struggling with any of those, I have some great news. 

Stop struggling.

Cut yourself some slack.

Change tack.

Just look round your current network – Facebook, LinkedIn, email lists etc – and spot ONE person you’d love to work with.

Start a conversation with them, and suggest you might be able to help.

Make an offer they might buy.

Then spot someone else, and do the same.

After you’ve done that 25 times, you’ll know.

You’ll know your ICA, because you’ll have spoken with them, and they’ll have agreed to work with you.

Working it out in real time with real people is way better than trying to guess, right?     


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